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Picking the Best Winter Wear for Women With Sensitive Skin

26 Oct 2023
winter wear for women

Winter wear for women has always been a top fashion topic for every fashion enthusiast. The winter collection for women is fully classy, cozy and chic. There have been many additions to the winter clothes for women that are winning hearts and trending on top. But the women with sensitive skin face difficulty in finding the right fit for themselves due to the materials used for winter clothes. Sensitive skin women need clothes with softer fabric that is easy on the skin and provide utmost comfort and style. In this blog we will help you pick the best winter wear for women with sensitive skin focusing on the clothes that provide warmth and do not cause irritation.

Go for Soft and Natural Fabrics

The very first step that women with sensitive skin need to consider while looking for a winter outfit is the choice of fabric. Soft and natural materials can be your best friends. You can go with the options like-

  •  Wool- Wool is a warm and cozy fabric but it might be a bit scratchy. To make sure the clothes feel comfortable, go for a high quality and fine meri-wool that is most suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Bamboo- Bamboo is a very soft fabric with thermal-regulating and moisture-wicking features. It can be a great choice for your sensitive skin.

  • Cottom- Cotton is a hypoallergic and breathable fabric. It is a very comfortable material for people with sensitive skin and also reduces the risk of irritation on the skin.

  • Cashmere- Cashmere is extremely gentle and soft on the skin. It provides outstanding insulation and is a luxurious choice for winter.

Layering for Comfort

The smartest way to stay warm and cozy during winters along with staying comfortable and stylish is by Layering. Starting with the base of a long-sleeved and lightweight inner make of bamboo material can protect your skin. Then comes a thicker layer of woolen cardigans or cashmere sweaters. This way by layering you can manage to keep your body temperature warm and stay cozy without overheating.

Winter Collection for Women:

There are a number of options that cater to sensitive skin during the winter season. These options include various kinds of designs, fabrics and styles that are created specially to provide comfort during the winter season.

Hoodies for women- Hoodies are a famous choice for casual winter wear. You can go for hoodies made of breathable soft material. You need to make sure that the inner linings of the hoodies are gentle on your skin and avoid hoodies with scratchy or rough zippers.

Winter Jacket for Women- Winter jackets are a great choice for staying warm in the cold climate. Jackets made from soft and hypoallergic fabric such as cashmere or cotton are the best choices.  

Avoid Synthetic Materials

Synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester are not a very good choice for people with sensitive skin. These materials can be a reason for irritation especially in the cases where they don’t allow the skin to breathe. It is best to stick to high quality natural fibres or high-quality blends that include a good percentage of natural fibres.

Winter Style for Women

While comfort is the main priority of people with sensitive skin during the colder months, women do not need to compromise with style and fashion due to this. There are a wide number of fashionable options that carry both aesthetics and comfort. Here are some of the fashionable tips for women with sensitive skin to rock winter clothes-

  • Neutral Colors: Go for the neutral colours such as White, Black and Gray since they are less likely to cause irritation instead of cold and bright colours that have higher chances of causing irritation. For a pop of colour you can add some accessories.

  • Texture Play: You can add visual interest to your outfits by adding some textures to it. You can opt for a textured but soft fabric like velvet or chenille that feels pleasing to the sensitive skin.

  • Accessories: To add some style to your outfits you can carry a hat, scarves or gloves. These accessories should also be soft on the skin to avoid irritation.

Avoid Tight-Fitting Clothes

Wearing tight clothes can lead to discomfort or chafing. Opt for loose clothes to let your skin breathe and reduce the risk or irritation or discomfort.

Prioritize Inner Wear

Usually, the important aspect of comfort for sensitive skin people is their choice of innerwear. Buy some hypoallergic thermal inner wear that is soft and comfortable. The base layer provides extra comfort and warmth as well as protection and keeps your skin happy during the whole winter season.

Wrap up

Finding the right fit for women with sensitive skin is careless consideration of style, fabric and comfort. By choosing natural and soft materials, prioritising comfort and layering, women with sensitive skin can enjoy the winter season without facing any discomfort or irritation. Explore the winter collection by Tarefaan where you can find the best quality jackets, hoodies and many more varieties and types of clothes that are both chiz and comfy.  

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