About Us



A homegrown label that celebrates and promotes comfortably stylish clothing and accessories for women
Tarefaan is derived from an Urdu word “tarif” that means ‘appreciation’ or ‘praise’. The definition of this word makes us think that you’ll be gathering all kinds of compliments when you wear our creations.
We believe in delivering superior-quality clothing to you. Our fabrics of choice are crepe and cotton because we know how pleasant they are to store and wear.


Our Creator

Riddhi Darda Riddhi Darda
School topper Riddhi Darda belongs to the Pink City a.k.a Jaipur.
Team Tareefan will fondly describe her us as a “sincere caffeine lover who immensely enjoys the company of animals”.
This Indian label is her passion project which she has been conceptualizing for the past year.
She tells us that fashion has been an integral part of her life. While she may not have experimented with it much, she has definitely loved and always admired the idea of an online portal that offers comfortable and stylish clothing.
“I will always cherish the feeling of wearing clothes that are super soft and on the same lines as today’s style. I think that’s what Tareefan is all about.”-Riddhi Darda
Riddhi’s philosophy is simple because it revolves around simplicity and how it’s also one of the most important ornaments for a woman.
This platform is also about relaxed silhouettes, vibrant colours and diverse designs.
Riddhi sincerely hopes that you treasure the on-the-go daily-wear clothing as well as the sophisticated accessories featured here.