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Best Hoodies for Women: Top Picks of 2023

25 Oct 2023
hoodies for women

As the fashion trends evolve rapidly, hoodies for women establish themselves firmly as a wardrobe staple. Hoodies are versatile pieces and have become a prime choice for different occasions. Whether you are looking for oversized hoodies, printed hoodies or black hoodies for women, the year 2023 has come up with some exciting choices in the store. In this blog, we will explore the best hoodies for women including printed hoodies as well as winter Co-Ord sets to help you look chic and cozy this winter.

Printed Hoodies for Women: Infuse Colour into Your Wardrobe

Printed hoodies have been everyone’s favourite and this year too, there is no difference in the choice of people. The printed hoodies offer a vibrant and fun way to express your personality while keeping you comfortable and warm. With different designs to choose from, you can easily find the hoodie that suits your taste.

hoodies for women


Floral Prints: A hoodie with floral print can add an elegant feel to your casual outfit and these floral patterns are still in trend in the year 2023. Pairing these hoodies with a pair of jeans for women can help you get a chic and comfortable outfit.

Graphic Designs: Graphic printed hoodies are all in trend and allow you to show your preferences and interests. From abstract artwork to movie quotes, there is always a hoodie available for you.

Oversized Hoodies: The Ultimate in Comfort and Style

Oversized hoodies have been a big hit since the 1970s and in 2023 they are still rocking. These oversized hoodies provide ultimate comfort with their roomy and relaxed fit, making them a perfect apparel for chilly winter days. These cozy hoodies are versatile and can be worn in many different ways.

Layering:Looking for something for layering? Oversized hoodies are a fantastic choice. You can wear an oversized hoodie over a plain tee or a turtleneck for adding style and warmth. Pairing it with jeans for women can make you give a casual yet fashionable look.

Cozy Loungewear: Oversized hoodies are not only an outside wear. These are a top choice for creating loungewear for home. Wearing a pair of leggings or sweatpants for a cozy and relaxed vibe is all that you need.

hoodies for womens

Black Hoodies for Women: Timeless Elegance

A classic black hoodie is eternal and can never, I repeat NEVER, go out of style. It is a suitable choice for many different types of occasions, from a night out to casual outing. A black hoodie can be the best chic addition to your closet this year.

Classic Casual: You can pair jeans for women with a black hoodie and have a laid-back, classy look that is perfect for meeting friends for a coffee or running errands.

Evening Elegance: With the right accessories, a simple black hoodie can be transformed into a chic choice for a night out. Combining the black hoodie with dark jeans and ankle length boots can help you get a stylish and sophisticated look.

Winter Co-ord Sets: Cozy and Coordinated

Winter co-ord sets have gained too much popularity, offering a hassle-free and stylish way to stay warm. These co-ord sets include a hoodie and matching bottoms, providing a coordinated chic look.

Monochromatic Magic: A monochromatic co-ord set such as an all-gray or an all-black outft, can create an elegant and slimming appearance. These coord sets are not only stylish but are also very practical for staying warm and cozy in the chilly weather.

Subtle Patterns: Some co-ord sets include subtle patterns and textures, adding a touch of distinctiveness to your attire. These sets are perfect for those who want to try something new instead of plain designs.

Printed Jacket for Women: Versatile Outerwear

Printed jackets for women can be an excellent addition to your winter closet. These jackers offer an extra layer of warmness while allowing you to look fashionable and stylish at the same time. Whether you prefer a puffer or a bomber jacket, there are many different printed options to go through.

Animal Prints: In the year 2023, people are going crazy for animal prints. A zebra or leopard printed jacket can add a bold and trendy component to your outfit. You can pair these jackets with jeans for women along with ankle length boots for a striking look.

Floral Embroidery: For a feminine and elegant appearance, floral embroidery on a jacket can do wonders. It is a great choice for the people who want to add a touch of complexity to their winter wardrobe.


When it is the time to choose the right hoodie for your closet, consider your occasion, personal style as well as the climate. Think about the types of designs, prints and patterns that are connected to you. Whether you go for an oversized hoodie or a printed one, make sure it suits your preference and comfort needs. Check out Tareefan’s exclusive winter collection for the best hoodies, co-ord sets and jackets that suit your style. 

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