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Fashionable outfits to wear this Diwali

31 Oct 2023
womens outfits

Diwali, the festival of light, is not only a time for celebrating the victory of good over evil, but is also an event for dressing and showing your best style. Whether you are attending a Diwali party, family gathering or a festive dinner, your outfit plays a big role in adding to the festive spirit. This Diwali, let’s explore some stylish outfit ideas that will surely help you shine as bright as the Diwali diyas.

fashionable outfits

Diwali outfit ideas

  • Denim Jeans for Women-

    Denim is an eternal choice that never goes out of fashion. This Diwali, consider pairing a denim jean for women in your festive outfit. You can opt for a dark wash jean for an elegant and classic look. Pairing the jeans with a stylish top for women, such as a beautifully embroidered kurta for a traditional touch or a chic blouse can make you look fabulous. The combination of jeans and top not only provides comfort but also highlights contemporary festive vibes.  

  • Varsity Jacket Coolness- Varsity jackets are trendy and have a stylish feel. This Diwali, you can elevate your look with a varsity jacket. You can style your varsity jacket over a simple jean and top to add a touch of contemporary flair. Look for a varsity jacket with embellishments or intricate embroidery that resonate with the festive spirit. It is a perfect way to stay fashionable and cozy during Diwali gatherings.

  • Hoodies for Women: Casual Elegance- Hoodies for women are no longer restricted to casual wear. They can be a comfortable and chic choice for your Diwali celebrations. To add a festive touch, go for a hoodie with jewel-tones colours such as rich blue, maroon or deep green. Pairing these hoodies with jeans for women can complete your simple festive look. Try accessorising to make the outfit more festive.

  • Stylish Tops for Women: Embroidered Bliss- Stylish tops for women are a great choice for a contemporary Diwali look. Go for a top with mirror work, intricate embroidery and sequin embellishment. These tops can be paired with jeans, pants or skirts. The design of these tops is perfect for a festive look, and they can be stylish and comfortable choices for Diwali parties.

  • Jumpsuits: Effortless Elegance- Jumpsuits offer an elegant and unique look that combines both comfort and style. A well-fitted jumpsuit with contemporary design elements can be a great choice for your Diwali look. Accessorizing with a statement belt can complete your look and make you ready to shine during the Diwali celebrations.

  • Kurtas with a Twist- If you want to wear a kurta for comfort, you can add a contemporary twist to the traditional outfit. Go for kurtas with unique embellishments, asymmetrical hemlines and modern silhouettes. These kurtas offer a mix of modernity and tradition, making them an ideal choice for Diwali celebrations.  

Winter Clothes for Women: Velvet Loveliness

Velvet is a quintessential fabric for winter and festivities. This Diwali, try incorporating velvet into your outfit. A velvet dress or a top in jewel-toned velvet can execute a luxurious and festive aura. Velvet adds a touch of opulence and warmth to your Diwali outfit. Complementing it with heels and statement earrings can complete your look. 

fashionable outfits 

Indo-Western Fusion

Diwali is a time when modernity and traditions blend seamlessly. This fusion can be represented beautifully in your outfit. Go for an Indo-western look that combines the best of both styles. You can pair a traditional embroidered kurta with a modern skirt, creating an amazing elegant fusion. It is an excellent way to celebrate the festival while embracing your own style. Carrying the right accessories can transform your outfit into a perfect Diwali look. Go for statement pieces like intricately designed elegant bangles, necklaces and statement earrings. These accessories can add a touch of celebration and glamour to your look, making you look the best and stand out during the festivities.


Diwali is a time for togetherness, celebration and reflection. It is an amazing opportunity to embrace festive spirit and express your style. Whether you choose jeans with a stylish top, an embroidered kurta or a velvet dress, your Diwali outfit can be a beautiful resemblance of your personal joy and style of the occasion. This Diwali, explore the fashionable outfits by Tarefaan to celebrate the festival of lights with charm and elegance. May your Diwali be as stylish as it is joyful!

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